Sciatica pain happens at the time of pregnancy. The pain takes place when the fetus applies more pressure to the sciatic nerve of the woman. Sciatic nerve is present in the lower portion of the body and it runs through the lower limb’s back and down part.

Ways To Relieve Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy Are Given As Follows: 

Know the right way to lie – Lie down on the bed, but on the pain’s opposite side. For instance, if you are suffering from sciatica pain on your body’s left side, then you must sleep on your body’s right side. Your sciatica pain may vanish if you don’t give more pressure on the pained area of your body. 

Use belts – You can reduce your sciatica pain by wearing maternity support belts. You can wear it to get relief from the pain. However, make sure you consult with your gyno before wearing such belts.

You can buy such a pregnancy support belt Australia online. However, make sure you choose the right store to find the best quality products and at affordable prices.

Use heat pad and ice bag – It is suggested to use some ice cubes on the painful part. On the other hand, you can make use of either heat pad or ice bag too. You can do the usage of both the heat pad and ice bag to lessen the sciatica pain at a fast pace. You can also bath in hot water to reduce the pain. 

Use perfect shoes during pregnancy – When you are suffering from severe sciatica pain, you mustn’t wear heels at all. If you feel that it’s important to wear heels on an event, then you ought to wear very low heels at the time of pregnancy. You must not wear high heels in your pregnancy period as it will give more pressure on your limbs as well as lower back. 

Focus on food intake – Just like in normal days, you cannot eat whatever you like during your pregnancy. If you continue to eat heavy meals during pregnancy, then your belly will become heavy and so your spine will get the additional pressure. This is not good. You should drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated always. When you will drink plenty of water, your spinal joints and spinal discs will remain in a good condition and you’ll be relieved from extreme pain. Special diet charts are made for pregnant women, who are suffering from sciatica pain. The diet chart incorporates 1200 mg of calcium every day of the week. You can get more calcium just by eating milk, eggs, yogurt and cheese as these food stuffs are rich in calcium content. You can take supplements too, but after taking your doctor’s permission.