Best Birthday Gifts For Kids

When there’s birthday there are many gifts we can get. The selection is very large. Depending on the age category the gifts differ a well. Kids for example love toys and there are so many toys available for us to get. If the kid is very young, there’s no reason getting him or her a book because they don’t know to read and there’s no reason to get a pacifier for a 12-year-old kid. Here are some gift ideas to get for a kids’ birthdays.


Crayons is a great gift for kids of all ages. They love to draw and colour. Crayons are not only fun they also teach the kid to draw, colour and hold a crayon properly. Usually every nursery give the kids crayons and paper to draw on them and express themselves. This will be a very good gift to give to a kid.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are a very popular gifts. Soft toys sell like hot cakes. Every kid has their own favorite soft toys. There are many different soft toys ranging from jellycat bashful bunny, animal soft toys such as bears, lions, pigs and soft toys based on movies. Due to the selection, you could purchase multiple soft toys. Thy also range from various sizes. Some are very large while some are small.


Good baby playmats will be required if the kids are just babies. Playmats will be useful for parents as well because it keeps the child safe and focused in one area. Various toys can be kept around the kid as well. Even if the baby vomits or poops, the playmat can be washed and cleaned easily therefore making it easily reusable.

Remote controlled car / Barbie dolls

Remote controlled cars would be a great gift for boys and they love cars. They would be playing with it the whole day. Racing cars are best given to little older kids because babies and toddlers would understand them and may hurt others and themselves.Girls on the other hand love Barbie dolls. This would be great gift if it came with a Barbie house. Barbie has been a fascination for little girls for many years and continue to be a popular gift option. There are many different Barbie dolls and many different sets with different clothes and hairstyles Barbie can wear.

Story books

Story books are great book for kids. Especially if the kids are over 3 years of age. When they’re young, their parents can read it for them and the older they get, they can read it by themselves. This is always a worthwhile gift you can get a kid.When you purchase a new house, you feel very relieved and happy.